Tiny Flats

“What in the world is a Tiny Flat?”

Take a tiny house without a trailer, set it on a cement pad in your own backyard connected to your house’s utilities and there you have it, your own Tiny Flat. Think of it as the real “Backyardigan”!

“Who lives in a Tiny Flat?”

It is an ideal arrangement for parents, students or for some extra income. One interested resident has an older autistic son. He can’t live on his own but in a Tiny Flat he can have his own space yet be close enough for the assistance he requires. Another is a couple that lives near a highway that leads to the ski resorts. They plan on renting to skiers during the winter.

“What communities in Utah allow Tiny Flats?”

Pleasant Grove was the first city in Utah to permit Tiny Houses as secondary housing on residential property. Salt Lake City also has some limited zoning that can qualify. Other communities in the counties of Utah and San Pete have shown interest but are watching to see how things go in Pleasant Grove.

“Who builds them?”


We have a variety of designs and sizes to fit your needs. Here are some of the models we offer:


Hill Crest

hill crest Tiny Home exterior layout

Hill Crest Tiny Home

If you enjoy living life like every minute is precious our Hill Crest model is built for you. The saying “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” could have been invented with this tiny house in mind.


Single layer ground floor (no loft), includes 24" apartment size refrigerator, composite sink, stacked washer and dryer.
This alternate siding and roof line include a lower shake with upper bat and board and a dutch-hip gable.
  • Smart Panel Siding
  • 2 X 4 Douglas Fir Wall Framing
  • T&G CDX Plywood Floor with VOC-compliant Adhesive
  • R-15 Fire Resistant Insulation
  • Acrylic Latex Plus Silicone on All Seams
  • TyVek Wrap Moisture Barrier
  • Triple Pane Gas Filled Windows
  • Amp 6-Space 12-Circuit Box
  • 6-19 T90 600 Volt Main
  • 12-3 500 Watt for Major Appliances
  • Panel Grounding to Frame of Trailer
  • GFCI Protected Lines
  • Recessed LED Lighting
  • Exterior 50 Amp RV Inlet
  • 1/2” PEX Water Lines
  • 1 RV Exterior Inlet for Hose
  • 1-1/2” Black ABS on Drains and Vents
  • 10 Gallon Electric Water Heater
  • All Wood Kitchen Cabinets
  • Single Step Laminate Flooring
  • Porcelain Vanity Top
  • Crown Molded Ceilings
  • Butcher Block Counter tops
  • Sample Description

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